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Write for Us! Guest Post Guidelines

Write for Us! Guest Post Guidelines

We love new ideas and interesting articles, so if you have an idea for an original guest post then let us know – we’d love to publish it here! We update our site regularly with all-original articles on a weekly, sometimes bi-weekly basis depending on how busy things are. We have decided that we want to give others the opportunity to showcase their content on our site as well…

Man at laptop Write for Us! Guest Post Guidelines

Content for Guest Posts

Your article should be related to the content on this blog.

We most likely won’t accept articles that are a blatant advertisement for your blog or product. However, you are welcome to include links back to your own site or other sites provided that they add value to the article (we are unlikely to remove links but reserve the right to do so).


  • All content should be original and should not appear anywhere else on the internet, and once the content has ben published on the site it should not be posted elsewhere.
  • To link your Google+ profile use the rel= author tag (<a href=”https://plus.google.com/(number)?rel=”author”>Google+</a>)
  • We prefer an image with the post, but it is not essential.

For more information on why you want to guest post and how to go about guest posting, please read these articles:

  • 9 Ways to Become an Exceptional Guest Poster
  • How to be a Guest Blogging Rockstar


Posts will be checked for grammatical mistakes as well as blatant factual errors. If we make changes they will be minor and we will send you the complete text of the proposed guest post to check. Additionally, before posting, we will provide a full screenshot of the post on our site before publishing.


If you are interested then please fill in the Guest Post Contact form below, once we have approved your topic take the time to write something awesome. Once the post is received we will decide, with you, when best to publish the post. We will also make use of our blog and social network to make sure the post gets out to our followers.

Please let us know your ideas – we look forward to hearing from you!

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 Write for Us! Guest Post Guidelines
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