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Army Tanks, the interactive iphone game, makes it your mission to defend your base and destroy the enemy forces.

“FREAK OUT! I can’t put this game down – it’s soooo addictive!”
- Andrew

Defend Your Base

Army Tanks is an interactive iphone game. It’s your mission to defend your base from destruction while legions of enemy forces rain down on you. Earn special powers and use them to defeat your enemies! Army Tank Game™ is one of most addictive and interactive game apps you’ll find available on your iPhone.Whether you are a gaming pro or a newbie, this Army Tank game is going to get you hooked. Coming to an iPhone near you!

What iOS Users Are Saying:

Seriously, this game is addictive. You just keep coming back for more.
- Jack

Playing on Brutal is TOUGH!!!!!!!!
- Steven

Great graphics – a really neat game for when you’re stuck waiting and want something to keep you entertained!
- Travis

I LOVE THIS APP! Great job on a fun game with cool graphics.
- Sean

Destroy the Enemy Forces

To complete each stage all the enemy tanks need to be destroyed. Watch out for tanks with special powers. Defeat your enemies by going head to head in battle and capturing the special powers for yourself.

Mutiple Levels

Choose from different levels and master each of their challenges. Defeat your enemies on ice, through different mazes and difficult obstacles. Army Tanks is easy to play, difficult to master…

Adjust the Difficulty Level

Start playing on Easy, but graduate to Brutal and you’ll soon realize that there is a war going on out there! Amateurs spend hours playing golf and never realise that golf is a tactical game!

Amazing Graphics and Killer Sound

Killer graphics will keep you on the edge of your seat as you do battle against enemy tanks.Realistic sound will keep you in the thick of the action – don’t worry, the bullets aren’t real!

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